Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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I picked up a handful and sat at the edge of my bed, meticulously going through each one. While the sensation of thumbing through someone else's personal stash of porn was awkward, I felt liberated by the consent that Julien had given me. I even entertained thoughts of freely masturbating, in the bathroom of course.

It took a few minutes to get the drinks and the entire time my eyes were glued to the women. I watched them as they sat talking. They were sitting very close to each other and seemed to be getting along quite well. I got very excited when Kendra started playing with Kacey’s hair. It appeared that Kendra was telling Kacey that she liked her hair. I thought I saw Kacey say thanks and then watched as she ran her hand through Kendra’s brunette curls. It looked extremely erotic.

Some stood behind iron bars. Others were behind glass. There were men on display all around, and all of them were naked and erect.

Slowly and lightly, I circle the palm of my hand over her breast, I hear her breath catch just slightly and her hand pull mine in more firmly each time I stroke over her nipple. With my free hand, I raise my fingers to her mouth and trace the curves of her lips. There is no longer any disguising the hunger we both feel.

"Well." Lynn laughed and thrust out her boobs "I might just get you to put your money, or something, where your mouth is."

"Yes, he even wanted her to not fuck the other girl in the 3-way. That's what a hypocrite he is."

"Yo Millie."

Dad's words fired me on.

Jerry looked into the dimly lit room and drew in a breath when he saw his wife standing, posed for him. She looked breathtaking! Her long, soft brown hair cascaded in waves around her shoulders, her body outlined by the soft blackness of her silk nightie. She wore a garter and matching stockings with trampy high-heeled shoes. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. Jerry felt his cock spring to life. He shut the door behind him.

As her fingers continued to plunge in and out of her body, her fluids started to seep out. At first, it was just a slight trickle, hardly noticeable. As the desire, the need, mounted, though, her body started to produce a steady flow. With each spasm of her pussy, he was fed a new wave of her nectar, her liquid passion dissolving in the water. He absorbed the taste, the texture, the scent of her fluids, hoping, searching for something.

"Of course, I'd love to, it's not everyday I get to see such a sweet and pretty woman." He said.

He swallowed his groans as he came all over his hand at the thought of Becky and his daughter playing on the dance floor of a club. Moving forward to get a better look, the floorboard creaked loudly under his foot and the friends sprung apart.

I touched the "send" button, then placed my face in my hands and wept.

"Please eat me," I say and my own bluntness surprises me. You smile and go between my legs licking, and sucking. I feel you fingers explore me and your tongue drives me to a state of ecstasy that I've never known. While my orgasm builds in me and you lie between my legs working my hot, loving pussy with your tongue like a master I lose my thoughts. It's like no one else exists in the world. It's like you have known my body forever. The emotion overwhelms as, and me I orgasm again I start to weep. The orgasm engulfs my entire body and I shudder in delight. I pass out. I wake up to see you looking over me. I feel a dampness on my head. You had gotten scared and got a cool rag for my head. I took your hand and kissed it.

The excitement in her body was palpable, with her nerve ends standing at the ready, he caressed her body from head to toe, stopping along the way to give her breasts and pussy more attention. After what seemed like an eternity of foreplay, he whispered softly, "Now it's your time for your first darling, are you ready to have one now, your pussy seems to think so. She stiffened slightly, waiting for him to enter her, but instead, the air whistled from her lungs as his mouth engulfed her dripping pussy. She wished that it wasn't so, but a fire was growing in her pussy that she couldn't control. It was maddening, being forced into having sex with an unknown stranger, but having your body respond like he was your lover.

"I will do what ever you wish Mistress." I told her falling right into my role.

As he neared the top of the incline, he stopped dead in his tracks and spun around, looking back the way he came. His expression fierce, Leon's eyes fixed on the inclined path before him. He heard something--

Todd had startled them as they were both coming. Carol was still impaled on Rodney and oozing with cum. She gasped for breath as he pulled out of her pussy and lowered her to the floor. Rodney wore a big sheepish grin on his face. His big black cock hung spent and dangling between his legs.